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Interactive technology is exciting, powerful and fast-moving. It transforms teaching and learning, classrooms, break out areas and more.

Explore our customer experience centre in 3D below…

With opportunity comes complexity though; hardware, software, size, specification, peripheral technology, installation, training, the list continues.

Your Customer Experience Centre, here in Leeds, brings all of this together into one space. One space hosted by several interactive technology experts who can provide the best advice, expertise, ideas, guidance and best pricing. Interactive touchscreens, digital signage, the latest software, visualisers, projectors, a 3D printer, VR/AR technology, print, sign-in and safeguarding and more. It’s all here!

  • Schools, whether or not you have purchased something from us, are welcome to use this centre as a training resource. This is particularly powerful for getting to grips with the latest lesson building software such as SMART Learning Suite, Promethean’s ClassFlow and others, but also if you’d like a training refresh on any other technology we host here.

  • Or if Leeds is a bit of a trek, we can support you with a personalised YouTube demonstration or watch one live online!

    So whether you’d like to see, train, try or buy, contact us and arrange a no-obligation customer experience.


Customer Experience Centre

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🎉 We're excited to see the results of our #EdTech Insights 2021 research! With @UoHBusinessSch, thoughts, challenges and experiences of hundreds of teachers being gathered as we speak 👍🏼

Training is a huge enabler in allowing you to get the most out of your technology. When was the last time your school had training on your edtech? 💡

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This secondary school teacher shares some excellent advice for using breakout rooms as part of your remote learning strategy. Excellent for learning outcomes and wellbeing! ⭐

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5 tips for using breakout rooms in remote teaching

Online learning is never going to be the same as a real classroom, but breakout rooms can help bridge the gap, writes Katherine Cummins

We’re still providing remote demos on a range of technologies from our Customer Experience Centre. Don’t let the pandemic stall your plans to upgrade your edtech. ✅

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Do you think the emerging ‘catch up’ culture is potentially damaging for learners?

An interesting read in this TES article:

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Deeply negative ‘catch-up’ rhetoric is bad for pupils

The emphasis on ‘catching up’ puts undue pressure on teachers and pupils, says Nuzhat Uthmani

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