Casting a shadow over your teaching

Would a teacher accept work with chunks missing, or sections that are only just legible?

Of course they wouldn’t – work should be shown properly and in full.

So, with this in mind, surely it’s only fair that a teacher is able to present their lesson in full, without sections disappearing periodically and with every element clear to every pupil. To suggest otherwise would be avoiding the truth

So, unless we are avoiding the truth (perhaps we think we haven’t got the budget or the time to spend considering our options), it’s clear that ageing classroom projectors and obsolete interactive whiteboards are limiting a teacher’s capacity to teach. And with these immense pressures to improve attainment and show real results, surely that’s an unacceptable situation?


There is, of course, an alternative – one which is surprisingly affordable as the movie below demonstrates.

Any school can upgrade to use interactive touchscreens as their main teaching tool. We have already supported hundreds of schools to upgrade their teaching space as shown on our Case Study page.

A few key benefits of upgrading to an interactive touchscreen…

  • A brighter, clearer picture
  • No shadows or lighting issues
  • Extended lifetime, with much lower energy costs
  • Outstanding, even in bright conditions
  • Silent, as opposed to the noisy fans in a projectors
  • Maintenance-free, with no calibration, no bulb changes…
The West Yorkshire school pictured above have now made this upgrade and use the latest interactive touchscreen and a classroom visualiser in each of their classrooms – a full case study will be published soon.
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