Coronavirus (COVID-19) – our latest statement

The impact of Coronavirus on our ability to support our customers is currently: MINIMAL

Being social, collaborating, shaking hands and working closely together is central to who we are and what we do. The prospect that our freedom to do this is being curtailed is concerning, particularly for those vulnerable in our society and for our young people who are busy receiving an education.

We can never fully understand the challenges and complexities around the reopening of schools; the sector has an impossible task on its hands. There appears to be a list of expectations which are unrealistic for schools and staff to achieve, to say the least.

What is abundantly clear though is that we’re entering a ‘new normal’ in education and that this will last for some time. There is no business as usual.

What we hope is also clear is that Elementary Technology is here to support you in any way we can and that whilst doing so we’re helping make everything else that little bit more manageable.

Whether for an installation, a demo, a site survey or a meeting, see how we are helping ensure we are COVID-safe when we visit schools.

Also, watch this space for a range of EdTech tools we have to support schools to make progress in the coming months. These will help address a range of challenges such as the fact that 40% of schools do not have the infrastructure to continue with learning remotely.

This video is one of several tools we’re creating to help address this, created in response to countless enquiries about using a visualiser to support remote learning. You can also visit our Remote Learning YouTube playlist for several more.

Elementary Technology – still servicing our customers

Our office is now reopening for those who wish to use it whilst strictly observing Government guidelines on social distancing and hygiene. Staff who were on furlough leave are now returning to work, which means the majority of colleagues are now working full time as normal.

As a technology company, we’re as well-equipped as they come to support remote working. We share our files and resources in the cloud, use Microsoft Teams for day to day communications, have a robust CRM system to record customer requirements and of course, we all still have telephones – mobile and VoIP.

Meetings and Technology Installations

Following government advice, we are no longer having face to face meetings or discussions with schools, and will instead do so over the telephone or online.

Where the school would like us to, we are still able to carry out planned technology installations whilst following strict guidelines around social distancing. See the measures we’re taking to ensure these are safe.

Our team of Senior Engineers and installers have been provided with a Coronavirus policy; this is updated as required to reflect the latest government advice and ensures we are minimising risks for customers. All have been provided with new, specific advice around personal hygiene and social distancing, and all will ask to wash their hands the moment they arrive on-premises.

It’s important that we continue to provide an excellent service to schools.

In the meantime, keep tabs on guidance for educational settings from the Department for Education and Public Health England.

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It’s pleasing to see that several education suppliers are actively supporting schools with free resources and tools for as and when schools do need to close.

The following are some of many more we’ve found:

  • Learning by Questions, a transformative teaching and assessment tool for schools, explain how to use the platform for distance learning
  • Twinkl is providing free access to pupils and parents to all their resources for one month. More details here…
  • SMART is providing free access to SMART Learning Suite Online to accommodate remote planning, teaching and learning. View our movie
  • EdTechImpact are curating a list of companies who are providing free resources to support schools during the outbreak. View the list here…
  • Google for Education is providing free upgrades to G-Suite for Education’s productivity apps – including video conferencing systems – for the remainder of the school year. Sign up here
  • Capture is a superb parental communications tool, which also allows schools to assign homeworking tasks – free to schools during the crisis
  • Kahoot! is giving access to Kahoot! Premium for free to all teachers who are being impacted to the Coronavirus outbreak. Access Kahoot Premium Free
  • BrainPOP is giving free, unlimited use of animated movies, assessment resources and creative tools for closed schools during the period of closure. Access here

Also, see a blog from our Guest Blogger which outlines a range of other remote learning tools available to schools.

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