To support schools in the return to classroom learning, we're delivering a series of free online seminars

These seminars will explore the ways teachers can switch the tools we used during lockdown to the classroom. Share, deliver feedback, reduce workload and more using the edtech tools at your fingertips.

The sessions are hosted by our Training Manager, Frazer Williams – an ex-teacher, STEM Ambassador and experienced trainer. Frazer provides you with tips, tricks and information you need to make the most of your technology in the classroom.

The following are currently scheduled sessions. If there are specific areas you’d like training on which are not covered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All SMART teachers: How to get the most of out your SMART Board 

Thursday 23rd September // 3.30pm  //  Recording

Monday 27th September // 3.30pm // Recording

Effective teaching using SMART with Google/ Microsoft  

Wednesday 29th September // 10.30am  // Recording

Monday 4th October // 3.30pm  // Recording

Using Google to support outstanding teaching 

Wednesday 6th October // 3.30pm  // Recording

Monday 11th October // 3.30pm //  Recording

Using your Visualiser for sharing, assessment, modelling and reducing workload

Tuesday 12th October // 3.30pm  // Recording

Thursday 14th October // 3.30pm  // Recording 

Using Microsoft Teams to support outstanding teaching

Monday 18th October // 3.30pm  //  FREE  // Register

Tuesday 19th October // 3.30pm  //  FREE // Register

Elementary Technology is here to help schools use technology to deliver better education.

As well as these one-off CPD events, we support schools with a range of training services across a range of different technologies. If staff training and CPD is one of your EdTech challenges, please complete the form below. We’ll contact you at your convenience to discuss how we help.



Did your school use Microsoft to deliver lessons and keep in touch with students during school closures? 💭💡

Join our webinar to explore how you can use Microsoft for effective teaching in the classroom.


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EdTech can be a great way to assist your safeguarding solutions. Sign-in systems can provide security in school and keep track of visitors on site 🔐

For other ways that EdTech can revolutionise your school read our blog here:


Want to know how your visualiser can reduce workload and improve inclusion? ✅

Join our webinar, where we'll be providing tips, ideas & training advice to make the most of your visualiser.


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Front-end feedback has been impossible in the past 18 months

High quality work deserves praise, and it's important for personal development and a Visualiser can help you achieve this in seconds!

Read our blog here!

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