InVentry & Paxton Integration: Safeguarding your school

Safety within schools has always been a key priority for school leadership teams (SLT’s) and teachers alike. Since the creation of Multi-Academy Trusts became commonplace, SLT’s concerns for safety now span across multiple sites with the requirement for more robust procedures becoming the centrepiece when it comes to safety.

As a first step to peace of mind, many schools have integrated access control systems such as Paxton, in order to provide them with an easy and flexible way to manage access to different school buildings and sites. However, integrating a door access system can lead to increased work for school admin staff who need to grant access for visitors, contractors and anyone who isn’t a regular on site. That’s where InVentry can help…

What is InVentry?

InVentry is a visitor management and sign-in system, which is trusted by more than 8,000 schools and businesses. The InVentry system can help your school effectively manage your site and visitors, but it can also support schools with trip management, class registration, after school clubs, and auditing.

What are the benefits of having an InVentry sign-in system?

One of the major benefits of having an InVentry sign-in system is for safeguarding purposes. The InVentry sign-in system integrates directly with Paxton door access systems, meaning that school staff can easily assign or restrict access to areas or buildings for visitors, students, and staff, without needing to escort them around the premises. It can also give schools peace of mind that their pupils and staff are safe no matter where they are on site.

The InVentry and Paxton integration is also great for saving admin staff time when it comes to booking visitors in. The system allows the admin staff to set up profiles within the system and store information from names, to photographs, to DBS checks and expiries. This means that if you have regular visitors to the site, schools do not need to manually set up a visitor each time. It’s also great for schools with multiple sites, such as Multi-Academy Trusts, as visitors can be set up on a trust network so that they can go between sites without needing to sign in and out at every site.

There are lots of other benefits to having an InVentry sign-in system. The system links with the school’s MIS system, removing the need for long, manual data inputting tasks whilst saving your office staff time.

If you’d like more information on InVentry, feel free to drop us a line by calling us on 0113 8187930, using the contact form, or book a demo with one of our product specialists.

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