How can we keep our staff, pupils, visitors and parents safe as we reopen our school?

As schools re-open to more pupils after Covid-19 closures, there is a real anxiety around safeguarding for staff, visitors, parents and pupils.

There are some measures which can be taken around hygiene and social distancing but there is a lot more that can be done in order for schools to maintain a safe environment.

In recent weeks we have been working hard to build a range of technology solutions which support schools to stay safe.

This video captures our range for education. Contact us and we’ll take 20 minutes to provide a live remote demonstration – from our Customer Experience Centre to your screen.

The following provides a little more detail on each solution.  Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and we’ll work together to provide a solution.

Temperature checking and Fever Scanners for Schools

Temperature checker technology quickly assesses an individual’s body temperature which can indicate whether they are experiencing a fever. As part of a range of measures, a fever scanner acts as an additional safety net to avoid passing on infection in your school.

temperature checker schools

Elementary Technology has a range of temperature checking options for your school, all of which scan visitors, staff and pupils for a potential fever as they arrive on site.

  • a fixed temperature checker placed either on a pedestal or attached to a wall. This can be in school reception or else another entrance with a regular flow of people. It detects the user’s temperature within seconds and can be integrated into other security solutions such as Paxton access control
  • Temperature checking in areas of higher footfall. This thermographic camera technology detects elevated skin temperatures whilst syncing with a management platform which records the number of individuals passing through a certain space – ideal for managing traffic below a certain capacity, perhaps in a school hall or breakout area
  • a handheld fever scanner is a less efficient option as it can create a bottleneck and requires a member of staff to hold and operate it. It can be ideal for use in the playground for staff and pupils arriving in staggered starting times

Such technology is available to schools on its own or as part of a larger Safeguarding Technology solution.

Who is on-site? And have they been deemed safe to visit?

To best way to manage the risk of transmission in your school is to understand who is on your site at all times. Even better is if you mitigate the risk they have symptoms and also minimise contact whilst they are there. We are supporting schools with all of these challenges.

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The InVentry sign-in system protects pupils, staff and visitors, streamlines the management of data and supports your school’s compliance with GDPR. Keep track of who is on-site, manage pupil lates, administer school club attendance and lots more – all fully integrated with your MIS.

And as the leading system of its kind, development is ongoing – it now provides your school with a range of tools to keep you safe as you reopen your doors. Some examples of many more:

  • Contactless sign in for visitors using a QR code
  • maintain hygiene and reduce physical contact in your school
  • avoid visitors congregating in reception
  • manage ‘Classroom Bubbles’ and staff/pupil attendance
  • agree with a Health Declaration for visitors prior to entry
  • Lots more…

Contact us to see a recent webinar recording or to discuss your individual requirements.


Technology to communicate and inform…

How people move around your school and how they behave whilst on-site has fundamentally changed.

Visitors cannot sit and wait in reception, corridors may be one way, parents need to socially distance in the playground, playtimes may be staggered, people need to wash their hands on arrival – the long list continues.

The challenge is how to convey this information to the right people at the right time in the most effective way. Technology helps.

School Digital Signage

Many schools have some element of digital signage on-site, usually in reception. In our experience, this is usually a TV on a wall showing an image gallery or Powerpoint on a loop.

This is fine, but new fast-changing guidelines and requirements demand a more powerful, easier-to-use solution. Schedule messaging for certain times of the day, quickly update hygiene guidelines or add a school-wide news announcement – all from a web browser and across multiple screens if required.

Even better is if the screen integrates a hand-sanitiser station – perfect as a hygiene messaging station in reception. Or perhaps a mobile, battery-powered A-Board (pictured) to wheel around the school as required – mornings in the playground, lunchtime in the hall, afternoons in Reception – a unique message each time. Available for around just £75 per month as part of a bundle.

Schools are loud – but people can still listen!

In a world where we’re bombarded by visual cues and instructions, audio technology can easily be overlooked – the same applies to schools.

In recent weeks we have installed several school-wide audio-alert/PA systems – perfect for quickly, easily and clearly communicating information through your site. See how it’s working in a West Midlands school.

Permanent audio infrastructure is one solution – a portable audio PA system is a quicker, easier and lower-cost alternative if you need to communicate in a single area. Armed with a wireless speaker and microphone, a Headteacher can issue instructions in the playground in the morning and a PE teacher can then use on the school field. Contact us for more details.

Of course, whilst schools are addressing these new safeguarding challenges, the old ones still exist.

Limited funding, the need for effective training, a lack of accurate advice, the worry whether there’ll be ongoing support and more.

Here are some ways we help address these:

  • Many of these solutions can be supplied on a compliant operating lease – a full InVentry sign-in and safeguarding system, for example, can cost around £100 per month over 3 years
  • We can easily have a chat on the telephone, a Zoom call or a video chat at your school to see the spaces being considered
  • We can provide you with an online demonstration of any technology so you make an informed choice
  • All solutions are provided with setup and training
  • We’re happy to come for a COVID-Safe visit to your school to provide independent advice, consider options or perform a site survey

Elementary Technology has worked hard to understand your challenges and so are best placed to help you overcome them. See here our EdTech Insights report which outlines our findings.

As schools have reopened, the DfE have know that it’s time to play catch up and are adding funding to tackle lost teaching time.

Now more than ever, schools need to embrace the benefits EdTech brings. We’ll help you do so, ensuring you continue to flourish as your school reopens.

For an initial discussion to see how we can support, complete our contact form, chat online or call our team on 0113 8187930.


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