Meet the Team: Conor Farnaby, Digital Marketing Assistant

After starting as an apprentice, Conor’s role has definitely developed over time! See what he brings to the team and just how the last few years have changed to ensure that he is doing his part to give schools the best possible experience…

What is your role at Elementary Technology and how did you get here?

I am the Digital Marketing Assistant at Elementary Technology, I am heavily involved in the running of our websites, our social media accounts, and a lot of the more data-driven stuff allowing us to make changes and decisions to improve.

I started out as an apprentice at Elementary Technology, so, out of school when I was 18, I started working with an agency that helped me find an apprenticeship that worked for me.

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

Honestly, it seemed like a much better decision for me, not only that but a fantastic opportunity. Where I was, we were being told to decide our university location and what we wanted to do… and at 16 I had no idea what I was wanting to do. So, looking into other options I found that I could do an apprenticeship, and learn whilst working.

This just seemed like a much better idea for me, I didn’t have to pressure myself of deciding on a different city to live in, which university to choose and what to get a degree in, I had to decide on a job field to go into, and I had 2 years to learn more, figure out what I wanted to do and get more used to writing a CV, and the interviewing process.

And now… I start my fifth year here!

What is your favourite part of the job?

Every day is different. Within what I do, there are similar aspects, in terms of a lot of data analysis, maintaining and updating our websites, but one day I may be recording and editing our videos, the next I may be doing analytics on our website, then I’ll do social media planning.

I am also frequently involved in supporting our Training Manager, Frazer Williams, with video editing for our Get Set Go Training portal, which is a great tool to support teachers with their CPD and professional development. The days really are different and it’s unlike what I was maybe expecting, but in the best of ways.

What’s your biggest challenge?

I think my biggest challenge has come from working within a department where my colleagues have come from a marketing background, they went to university for a marketing degree, and starting quickly out of school without that background has brought out challenges in day-to-day work for me to overcome.

However, the fact the team is happy to help with any questions that I have puts me in a fantastic position, what better place to continue learning from? These are people who I can ask for help with anything should I get stuck, they’re there to offer me help, guidance, support, and tips to develop as a marketer. I look forward to being able to develop my career more with their help.

What is your favourite piece of EdTech?

I love our visualisers; I get to see the effect of them within the videos we make. They have so many different uses in the classroom to engage students, enhance lessons, and all this for a low price. The best part is, that they just work, you can connect them, and get going with a whole new range of lesson options.

It stops the standard write on the board and talk to the students kind of lessons and rather than having to put an object of interest (whether a 3D object or an example piece of work) you can show it all at once rather than pass it around the entire classroom or have to print of 30 copies.

What would you say to a teacher looking into this technology?

I think the most important thing is to do your research. You need to make sure that you are getting something that is going to work with your classroom and your way of teaching, this will all depend on the brand, the size of the screen, the software, etc.

You need to make sure you are getting support throughout the entire process and are getting ongoing training. This helps ensure you are getting the absolute most out of your equipment, as well as ensuring that you are aware of updates, new features, and the fantastic ways that the technology can help in engaging your students.

What do you get up to outside of work?

Well, outside of work, the main thing I do is go to the gym with my friends, I’m very into exercise and trying to look after myself. Additionally, I will enjoy a slight off day on a Saturday where I will have a cheat meal and get myself watching some Marvel films/TV Series!

See where Conor started in his first blog post talking about his apprenticeship and how he was finding working for Elementary Technology!

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