Proud to support the Global CPAD Campaign

We’re proud to be supporting the Global CPAD campaign

Elementary Technology have moved to formally support an incredible cause, the Global CPAD campaign.

The award-winning campaign launched in 2013 by Brian Firth (founder of Global CPAD) is now the largest independent CPAD campaign in Yorkshire. The campaign was created following the death of a customer outside a local Morrisons, which Brian witnessed just 20 minutes after coming off duty as a volunteer First Responder for Yorkshire Ambulance Service. He was shocked to hear that there wasn’t a Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD) within seven miles of the area.

Since its launch, the campaign has helped to raise funds for over 170 CPADs which have been installed around the North of England, which have saved 9 lives since 2013. The campaign has also helped to raise awareness of the need for publicly accessible defibrillators, with supermarkets such as Morrisons having just under 500 available in their stores, which alone have saved 41 lives.

What They Do

The objective of the campaign is to support communities that wish to raise funds for a CPAD in their community. Brian and his Team of Defibrillator Guardians work tirelessly to keep the CPADs rescue ready and, as a solely not for profit organisation relying solely on donations and sponsorship, the team often get involved in local fundraising and assisting each other where required.

Why we’re supporting them

Defibrillators are incredibly important, lifesaving pieces of equipment, which we believe should be available at a moment’s notice. That’s why we’re proud to be supporting Brian and his Team, who are local to our business, meaning we’re able to give back to the community.

Managing Director, Chris Deeley said “We’re delighted to support such a worthy cause. A colleague and I at Elementary Technology have experienced first-hand the benefits of an easily available defibrillator after a personal friend was saved by one. We are all very thankful to be able to give back to a cause, with the goal of making them more accessible in the hope that they will be able to help more people in the future.”

The team at Elementary Technology will be raising funds for the cause through various activities such as the annual Christmas Jumper Day, but if you’d like to find out more about the fantastic work that Brian and his team are doing, click here to visit their site. We’d also like to give a huge thank you to Leeds agency, Wildfire who supported Brian with the creation of the website.


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