Supporting pupil wellbeing and reducing teacher workload with Gluu and SMART

Supporting pupil wellbeing is now more than ever, a prominent issue for teachers and school leaders. In the aftermath of the pandemic, pupils and teachers alike have both struggled with adapting to home learning and transitioning back into the classroom with both changes bringing their own unique challenges for mental health and wellbeing.

How can EdTech support pupil wellbeing?

Technology has been propelled forward in the world of teaching, with schools looking for ways to integrate technology into the classroom to support learning in situ and from a distance. Technology is a great way of enhancing pupil wellbeing and supporting inclusion across all age groups and abilities

Technology isn’t just for the students, however. Technology allows teachers to make difficult conversations with their pupils easier and opens different avenues to learning, for pupils who may be having difficulties. Effective use of EdTech often leads to better teacher wellbeing through reduced workload, sharing resources and improving lesson planning and delivery.

What is Gluu?

Gluu provide digital, award-winning solutions to support teachers and their pupils will mental health and wellbeing. Their resources, designed and curated by educators, work in tandem with EdTech to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. The tools, which are mapped to the National Curriculum and OFSTED Inspection Framework save teacher time, compliment CPD and provide teachers with an easy way to support their pupils.

To support educators, Gluu have teamed up with SMART and Inspire Education to make their resources easy to access both in the classroom and through hybrid learning via the use of SMART’s online learning suite, Lumio.

I’m a SMART user, how do I access Gluu?

As a SMART Learning Suite user, you’ll have free access to SMART’s online version, Lumio, all you need to do is login using your SMART Notebook login details. If you don’t have SMART Notebook, you can create a free account directly on Lumio. From here, you can access the Gluu mental health and wellbeing resources, for free.

Once on Lumio, all you need to do is click “Explore Resources” for Gluu and you’ll see eight focus areas which can be used as a series of activities for individual pupils, or as group activities for a whole class. Using Gluu and SMART allows students to engage with the interactive content, all from their own device, in manageable and easily understandable chunks.

If you’d like to know more about Lumio or Gluu, or how these tools can be used effectively in your teaching, our Training Manager Frazer Williams will be more than happy to help. Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch soon!

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