The very best support from a ViewSonic Platinum Partner!

What we love most about being a ViewSonic Platinum Partner is how it allows us to provide top-quality service to all of our customers.

We can do this in the following ways:

  • When it comes to advice on the use of ViewSonic technology within your school, ViewSonic have already verified that we know exactly what we’re talking about. The fact that we are fully experienced with ViewSonic and guarantee that we will give you both accurate and detailed advice.
  • Our EdTech Consultants have been trained directly by ViewSonic themselves. We are also kept up to date by going through a continuous training regime, and in doing this, we can ensure we are providing not only correct advice, but also, fantastic ViewSonic-specific, curriculum-based training to our customers.
  • We not only have the status of being a ViewSonic Platinum Partner, but, we have this status because of our comprehensive knowledge of ViewSonic hardware, and how the software is best used on this hardware within the classroom.
  • We have a direct, and close relationship with the ViewSonic team, this allows us to fast track technical assistance as well as enquiries, we can also feed back any development ideas that you have, as who better to advise on things to improve the ease and engagement of teaching and learning, than teachers themselves?

We not only have this recognition by ViewSonic themselves, but we have the latest ViewSonic Touchscreen within our Customer Experience Centre which we use daily, whether it be for general use, or training and demonstration purposes! We have really gotten to grips with ViewSonic and their software, so we feel very confident in helping you out!

Considering upgrading to the latest ViewSonic touchscreens? You must keep in mind you’re not just investing in new technology, you’re also investing in your teaching and learning, the attainment of your pupils and the overall performance of your school.

Because of this, you can’t cut corners! Ensure that you are working with a knowledgeable and supportive ViewSonic Platinum Partner.

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