Compared to older technology, the latest visualisers are more effective, higher specification and better equipped to improve teaching and learning

It's time to reap the benefits of the latest visualiser technology.

Whether it’s compatibility issues with Windows 10 or the fact that they are now out of warranty, there are several reasons why your ageing visualisers are not bringing you best value. The latest visualisers however, bring a long list of benefits which support your teachers to deliver effective lessons.

Even better, we are offering schools who own older visualisers such as Vidifox a superbly priced trade-in deal. The excellent AVer M-17 13-M for example, RRP £499, is only £329 – provided with free pedagogical training via our training portal and ongoing support from our visualiser product specialist. Several brands are eligible so contact us for details!

View the video below for a little more detail.

From streamlining assessment, improving inclusion, supporting social distancing in the classroom and enabling remote learning, the latest visualisers are built for the modern classroom.

Contact us today for details of how you can take advantage of this offer – available during 2020 only.

Call Sam Wilkinson, our product specialist, on 0844 357 5197 or complete this contact form.


🕐 Do you have a Viewsonic touchscreen and use myViewBoard software? Did you know you can use your mobile device and a QR code to sign in, saving you time in the classroom?

#saveteachertime #edtech #tipsandtricks @ViewSonic @ViewSonicEDU

💚 Sustainability and carbon reduction is now an essential consideration for schools.

New #edtech is nearly always less energy/carbon intensive than legacy. Account for this in a Carbon Reduction Plan.

It also reduces energy costs

#theEdTechEffect #CarbonNetZero #edutwitter

@mreddtech @ElementaryAV Thanks so much for sharing Flip, friends!!! We're so grateful for all you do to inspire others 🙌

💡 Team training from @ElementaryAV colleague Frazer about @MicrosoftFlip.

A superb tool for seamless sharing of video. And lots more! Microsoft schools already have access, but most won't realise.

Opportunities for use in teaching are endless 👏🏼

#edutwitter #edtech

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