ANME & Elementary Technology Touchscreen Shoot Out

At Elementary Technology, we know that choosing touchscreens for your school can feel like a minefield. With so many different brands, models and features to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start, even for a seasoned pro.

That’s why we, alongside our partners at The Association of Network Managers in Education (ANME) decided to rack ‘em up and showcase just some of the different screens available on the market, in our first ever joint webinar.

Attended by members of the ANME, the webinar showcased SMART and Promethean touchscreens, as well as scratching the surface of some of the other screens available from manufacturers such as ViewSonic and Newline. The aim of the webinar was to support schools in making an informed decision when it came to choosing and buying touchscreens for their schools and we covered the practical teaching elements, as well as the different technical specifications around each.

As a brand agnostic supplier of touchscreens, Elementary Technology are able to support schools with their technology purchases, whether that be touchscreens, visualisers or other pieces of EdTech. Our relationships and partner status with leading EdTech manufacturers means we’re best placed to support schools, without an agenda.

We help schools to plan for their new tech through our Classroom Healthcheck® service, which helps schools to understand where they are now. We can then help them choose the technology which is right for them by offering our expert independent advice. Schools can also visit our Customer Experience Centre (where the webinar was hosted) and book online demonstrations. From there, we support schools with buying their new tech, whether it’s best for schools to lease their chosen technology or purchase it in one go. Finally, and possibly most importantly, we support schools after they’ve got their new technology. We can provide access to our online Get Set Go® training portal, or our dedicated Training Manager, Frazer Williams, can provide face to face onsite training, to make sure everyone, including ICT staff, are up to speed.

To find out more about the event, watch our showreel below, or if you’d like more information then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Product Focus! SMART Board 6000S! 🎊

Training Manager Frazer Williams shows why the @SMART_Tech 6000S touchscreen not only brings interactivity to the classroom but most importantly engages students!

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