Classroom Healthcheck®

Our Classroom Healthcheck® is a unique service to schools, local authorities and multi-academy trusts.

It provides a detailed picture of your school’s readiness to excel using technology. Ideal for a school to inform their ICT Development Plan, and outstanding for a Trust to gain a granular insight into technology and training needs at an academy level.

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Let’s Start With Why…

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    A comprehensive report - your school's readiness to excel using technology

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    See the facts - assets, performance, training needs, photos and more - in one report

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    Understand which spaces need addressing first - effective budgeting

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    Evidence to justify spend and ROI - why and which technology needs upgrading

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    See differences in access to technology. Plan how to bring consistency at best value


Before you start your EdTech improvement journey, it’s essential you ask yourself ‘where am I now?’.

Only when you paint this picture (technology effectiveness, ongoing costs, training needs…), can you get started on your improvement roadmap and be confident you’re making good choices.

The Classroom Healthcheck provides you with this insight – in detail.

Designed to maximise the benefits and impact that technology brings to schools, it, first of all, provides an objective summary of your school’s status with technology; your infrastructure and connectivity, your whole-school provision such as access to devices and also by bringing together findings from each and every space where technology is used.

It then attributes a traffic light rating to each classroom – 25 metrics per classroom ranging from the brightness of the projector, the training level of the teacher, the licence status of the teaching software and lots more. It also considers technology in your reception, school hall, outdoor areas and elsewhere.

The findings are collated into a detailed presentation, explained and discussed at a consultation meeting. We also provide independent advice around reducing teacher workload, improving inclusion, reducing costs and ideas as to your next steps.

Classroom Healthcheck Infographic

How does the Classroom Healthcheck work?

We’ll visit your school with our exclusive Classroom Healthcheck iPad Application, have a brief conversation with a member of your SLT to get an overview from your perspective, and then spend just 3-4 minutes in each classroom conducting the Classroom Healthcheck. We also take a few brief moments to talk to the teachers to learn firsthand about their experiences, confidence, challenges, aspirations and successes.

Additionally, we speak to your relevant colleague about your situation and experiences with your ICT infrastructure, as well as the technology outside of the classroom. We’ll take photos throughout to show objectively how technology is performing; this can, for example, show the pupils’ learning experience when looking at the interactive whiteboard. It’s also excellent information for those at the Trust level who cannot visit all classrooms in all schools.

We can also conduct these remotely if you prefer.

The findings enable decision-makers to plan and prioritise procurement, assess individual staff training needs, ensure compliance with software licencing, understand standstill operating costs and support an improved ICT Development Plan.

Never forget that thinking in the same way as Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset within the Classroom can be incredibly beneficial – if you had an empty wall within your classroom would you buy the same technology you currently have in place? We can always grow and improve, and finding out those places to improve is how we begin to improve.

An Executive Headteacher recently commented;

“We were delighted to see the level of detail in your Classroom Healthcheck – it was extremely professional, well presented and exactly what we need to inform our ICT development plan! It’s a must for any school”

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