Complaints Procedure

Elementary Technology’s documented Complaints and Escalation Procedure forms part of the ISO9001:2015 accredited quality management system. We believe that clear, defined channels of communication ensure that matters are directed and dealt with by an appropriate person maintaining accountability at all times 

In preparation Elementary Technology has specified an Escalation Process which is detailed below. Asimple table of contents details the path a complaint will take, including personnel that should be contacted and will assume responsibility should a complaint occur.  

The Complaints and Escalation Procedure references the internal process to be followed on receipt of a complaint or non-conformance and the timescale limitations. These processes stipulate that a customer complaint is defined as a situation where the product or service does not satisfy the customer’s requirements. It may follow that the product or service supplied does not conform to the specified requirements.  

In response to any complaints received either written or verbal Elementary Technology will implement the following procedure, including the following detail which is recorded on the Elementary Technology CRM database*:

  1. Customer Name 
  2. Organisation 
  3. Type of complaint i.e. product complaint, quality of service received, DOT performance (delivery on time) 
  4. Make and Model of relevant equipment, including serial number(s) 
  5. Warranty verification (if relevant) 
  6. Supporting documentation i.e. photographs (if relevant) 

*The Case record is date stamped automatically in the system 

The employee recording the complaint will then both investigate/escalate the non-conformance and agree with the authorising personnel on the resolution action to be implemented. This resolute action is then communicated to the complainant by either the initial employee, or the authorising personnel 

Timescales for non-conformance resolution can be stipulated by the contracting organisation however, if there are no pre-defined parameters in placeour standard response timescales will be utilised:  

  1. Complaint received – immediate acknowledgement before 16:30 (daily) 
  2. Complaint logged and confirmed with complainant – within 24 hours of receipt  
  3. Corrective action implemented – within 5 working days  
  4. Formal response – Within 14 days of receipt  

The timescales stated in this Escalation Procedure are the maximum limits. 

If you have any questions about the Policy, please contact us.



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