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Elementary Technology is supporting EdTechSheff as they share their edtech expertise with schools. It’s part of our mission to help schools deliver better education.

EdTechSheff, a partnership between King Ecgbert School and Notre Dame High School, is an official Department for Education EdTech Demonstrator School. This exciting programme supports schools seeking to deliver strategic improvement through implementation of Education Technology.

As part of our work helping schools to get best value from technology, we’re providing support for EdTechSheff – helping them raise the profile of their services to schools and also signposting their good work to our customers.

The support that EdTechSheff provides to schools is free and funded by the Department for Education. It is also tailored and bespoke to the requirements of the school – there to deliver the benefits which the school most needs.

EdTechSheff provide support in several key areas:

  • Catchup and recovery
  • Teacher workload
  • School and College Improvement plans
  • School and College Resource Management
  • Inclusion and Accessibility

Based on an initial discussion, EdTechSheff can provide an appropriate number of support hours – either six, fifteen or thirty. Additionally, there is a also series of free training seminars, resources and community forums covering all areas of technology in schools.

Development of an EdTech Strategy, otherwise known as an ICT or Digital Strategy, needs to start with a thorough understanding of ‘where you are now’. Only when a school understands this can they make appropriate plans of how to move forward.

Our Classroom Healthcheck service provides schools with exactly this – a detailed understanding of whether your hardware, software and training provision provides the groundwork you need to move forwards. This is why EdTechSheff are highlighting it to schools they support as a free service to support yur progress.

If you’re already working with EdTechSheff and would like to discuss how our Classroom Healthcheck will help your school, please email edtechsheff@elementaryuk.com and we’ll be in touch.

Or, if you’re an Elementary Technology customer who may need help and support with the key areas above, simply email edtechsheff@elementaryuk.com and we’ll pass on your details.


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