SMART 7 Year Platinum Plan

A unique, supportive scheme for schools – only available with Elementary Technology. SMART, the global leader, in your classrooms. Supported by SMART Reseller of the Year.

  • Head Teachers
  • Business Managers
  • Teachers
  • IT Departments

Let’s Start With Why…

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    7 years of peace of mind

    Focus on what's important, not troubleshooting and snagging

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    7 years worth of upgrades

    Benefit from all ongoing software and firmware upgrades

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    7 years of SMART warranty

    Your new SMART Board - covered with a worry-free warranty

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    7 years of SMART Training

    Ongoing accredited, pedagogical training for all staff

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    7 years of transformed teaching

    Improve outcomes, reduce workload, streamline assessment...


Our research shows that schools need technology to be simple, to be good value and to bring maximum impact for teachers and learners.

With this in mind, we have worked hard to bring you this outstanding opportunity to upgrade your teaching spaces – and have total peace of mind for 7 years. Simple, effective technology to help transform your teaching, supported by SMART and by Elementary Technology.

How does it work?

When you buy a SMART interactive touchscreen from anywhere else, it will probably include the following:

  • A 5-year SMART hardware warranty – pretty good, but then it’s over to you to deal with problems
  • A 1-year licence to SMART Learning Suite – then either an ongoing cost or no more updates
  • A 1-year installation warranty – what happens if the wall plate becomes loose?
  • A few technical training sessions – you’ll learn how SMART Notebook recognises a shape, but will you learn how to assess pupils’ understanding of modal verbs, in real-time? And what about new starters?

With our SMART 7 year Platinum Plan, only available with Elementary Technology, all of the above is included, in full, for 7 years. And you won’t pay through the nose for it either. As a SMART Platinum Partner and government approved framework supplier, we’re able to provide industry-leading value.

How do I know I’ll get value for money?

Our research shows that although budgets are by far the biggest challenge for schools, it’s a little more complex than this.

You are probably prepared to invest where you can, if you trust that you’ll see a return on your cost. If you trust the new technology won’t collect dust or that staff won’t make the most of it. If you trust it will help you deliver a better education – ideally in ways that can be measured.

Again, we have worked hard to help you here – and in fact can show how it’s working for other schools, just like yours.

For example, see how Pinders Primary School in Wakefield have not only seen the standard benefits (more engaging lessons, more effective assessment…) but also how it’s improved results, reduced workload and even improved attendance. Also, ask us about our other success stories.

What should I do now?

The best place to start is with a chat with one of our EdTech Consultants – we’ll introduce you to the one who supports schools in your area.

It’s likely our unique Classroom Healthcheck® will be step two. Covering teaching, learning, safeguarding and more, it helps you get the best value from the technology you already have and also shows us what to do to bring about improvement. It’s how Pinders Primary started their journey, as well as nearly 500 other schools in the last 12 months.

At the follow-up meeting, we’ll explain to you our findings and recommendations, and also give you a proper insight into how we help schools use SMART technology to transform learning. Discussions, a demonstration, and an opportunity for you to experience it yourself.

A headteacher recently commented; “Elementary Technology really understand teaching and learning – they have gone above and beyond because they are so specialised in both technology, and in education”


The SMART 7 year Platinum Plan

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